All the News That's Fit to Print

Beryl and Ethyl chuckled over the evening news. A calf two counties over had been born with a third eye. "They ain't seen nothin' yet," remarked Ethyl as she scooped up the nearest kitten and headed into the house.


  1. Although it was still quite early, Ethyl couldn't lose one more minute. She grabbed a bunch of metal buckets and turned towards the stables, freshly filled with groaning and mooing as the cows just returned from the pasture. The loudest one was in bad need of milking: she had three udders.

  2. Lucy took the paper out immediately to Lilly to see the classifieds. "Ooo, yes," her sister agreed. "One can never have too many cats or too many gingham dresses! And look! Here's one designed just for you -- no right arm-hole."