Bananas, Anyone?

There was always a party in Adele’s room.  If they weren’t listening to the latest ragtime record smuggled into school by Nel, pouring over this week’s Harper’s Bazaar, or scaring one another by reenacting Dracula for the thousandth time, they were generally plotting something that would startle, amaze, and scandalize the entire school.  Today’s scheme involved bananas.  Lots of them.  Pilfered by Blanche from the refectory (already an amazing and admirable feat), the bananas were the key to bringing down the entire sixth form winter ball.  As each girl dutifully consumed her banana, she imagined the moment when they would casually and simultaneously drop the peels out of their voluminous sleeves and under the feet of the unsuspecting dancers.  Marge triumphantly dangled the peel of her fourth banana in front of Lucy’s camera and remarked that she always wanted to know what Annabelle Thompson really wore under all those petticoats.  

*Actual caption: In Adele Corning's room.  Ethel Humphrey, Nel Hosea, Ethelwyne Walton, Josephine Eddy, Din Woodson, Marguerite Otis, Blanche Collins.  Sent by Lucy Holliday.  Circa 1893-94.