A Family Gathering

The entire family came to the front porch that hot August afternoon of 1911 to witness the unveiling of Uncle Edgar’s latest invention. Expectations were high, but, alas, the electrified butter churn proved nothing more than an empty promise and a greasy mess that some say reached half a block. As an adult, little Timothy would discover after years of psychoanalysis that this was in fact the root of his aversion to dairy products, and not lactose intolerance.

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  1. As young Timothy's psychiatrist, I feel compelled to add a comment, but will try to respect patient-therapist confidentiality. Nope, on second thought, that's not going to be possible ... so here's the real scoop: Tim gets freaked - absolutely looses all control - by women in white dresses. He passes out at weddings, and has left no less then three young women at the alter because of it. Can't even be a best man or usher. He has lost many a friend over the years, of course. But he has formed wonderfully close relationships with "fallen women" who tend to wear red. The truth had to come out.